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Simple Solutions


Welcome to my corporate site. I would like to use the royal pronoun ‘we’ and say, “we do great things”. But the fact is, I am a one-man-company. That is not to say that I do all the work myself. I do some of the work. Whatever I cannot do, I get other people to do, and pay them for their services.

So how can I help you? I enjoy building and deploying software solutions. I try to keep things simple – as simple as they can be and no simpler. So if you have the need for a simple software solution, I can help you build it.

I can help with

  1. Analysis of Big Data
  2. Mobile and web applications
  3. Removing complexity

I take full responsibility for delivering results to my clients.

My blog is dedicated to Simple Solutions. I believe the future is in mobile powered by the cloud. Here are a few iPhone/iPad Applications I built. Here are some Android Applications I built.

How I can help you: Contact me with a summary of your needs, and I will get back as soon as I can. We can take the next step when we meet.

Want to know more about me before you contact me? Check out my page.


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