Which is More Difficult in Project Management: Planning or Execution?

There is no disputing the fact that both planning and execution are equally important in project management. But is one more difficult than the other?

The answer is – it depends. There are two schools of thought. I will describe both points of view here. One fact that is consistent through out the project – both during execution and planning is that the project’s environment is in constant flux. The project has to be continuously adapting to the changes in the environment. This includes both external and internal changes. Read the rest of this entry »

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5 Steps to a Bullet-Proof Project Scope

ScopeScope definition is one issue most projects struggle with. If you don’t pin down the scope early in the project’s life cycle, it can come back to bite you later. Every project manager knows that scope is one side of the iron triangle of project management. It is definitely impacted by changes in the schedule and cost. If the scope is changed unilaterally, it will certainly impact the schedule or cost or both.

If you want the project to complete as planned within the allocated time and cost, it is therefore very important to not only keep scope creep in check, but also to get the scope right the first time.

“But my project’s scope keeps changing all the time,” you say. It can certainly feel that way, almost like you are trying to hit a moving target. It feels that way because you are going about it the wrong way. You are in the thick of things already. You need to step back, and you need to step higher – much higher if you want to define the scope.

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