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I am Hiring Java Experts

$1000 referral bonus.

I am hiring now! I am looking for two Java programmers with the following skills.

  • Expert level of knowledge of Java based E-Commerce frameworks like ElasticPath, BroadLeaf Commerce, ATG or Apache OFBIZ with solid customization experience (at source level) to meet requirements of a multi-tenant mall like platform. Must have in-depth knowledge of typical commerce activities (Shopping, merchandising, personalization etc) and associated data models and protocols. Integration knowledge with Payment providers would be highly valuable
  • Outstanding Java programming skills; minimum of 3-5 years experience working with Java or J2EE using Eclipse development environments.
  • Strong Java and web development experience and thorough knowledge of web service and cloud development concepts is required.
  • Expertise in Object Oriented Programming techniques, SOAP, REST, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, Web Services, Design Patterns and any unit testing framework (JUnit).
  • Experience with modern development techniques such as test-driven development and incremental integration. Prior experience with product development in an agile environment is a plus
  • Experience with MYSQL or MSSQL  DBMS is highly desired.


·        Be a key engineering contributor to the development of world-class web services software.

·        This team would be delivering a Ecommerce additions to our web services platform that enables people to discover, manage and enjoy digital content for the living room.

·        Should be able to work closely with Program Management and Product Management to transform product requirements into specifications; and to plan and develop the application line through its entire life-cycle.

·        Work closely with the architecture team to understand the solution architecture and be able to implement into the solution as appropriate.

·        Areas of responsibility include but are not limited to timely delivery of tasks assigned to team members, quality of the work done in the team, communications with and status reporting.

·        The person  should be able to maintain documentation of workflow and to follow the general guidelines of Object Oriented Programming practices and design pattern

·        This is a strong team player with a natural aspiration for excellence and be able to handle multiple tasks at once, and meet very demanding deadlines.

·        Using prior experiences in building a highly performing and scalable ecommerce systems would also be helping Senior technical people during early design aspects

·        Capable of support production systems and resolve related issues promptly.


If you have these skills or know someone who does please contact John Varghese at 650 430 0322 . Please ask about my referral bonus.


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