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Smart Phone Apps

It is a brave new world out there. Your consumers, customers, and clients are all confidently moving towards a time and place where the smart phone is indispensable.

You want to provide your service to the user right when they want it – where ever they are. You have to get on their smart phone.

Android Applications built by Look It Up 4 Me

My Android Apps

iPhone/iPad apps by Look It Up 4 Me

My iOS Apps

You need smart phone expertise

That is were I come in. I can build neat, simple, and effective apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Check out my portfolio of apps that are currently available on Apple’s AppStore and on Google’s Android Market.

Complete Turnkey Solution

I’ll take care of building your app for you from requirements definition to development, deployment and post distribution support. You just have to sit back and relax, confident in the knowledge that your app will work just as you expect and make your users happy.

While you are here, check out some of my popular iPhone apps.

DOD Military Glossary

Do you ever need to quickly look up a military term? Not a problem. This glossary has more than 4000 terms and the definitions load directly from the military's website

Insurance Glossary

If you ever want to refresh your memory on what "Net Underwriting Income" is or what “Reinsurance” is, just whip out your iPhone and start "Insurance Glossary". The answers are at your fingertips - literally!

Breast Cancer Glossary

Your best protection against losses due to lack of knowledge is education - and references. This glossary will serve you as a reference. You can also use it to educate yourself.

Check out the rest of my apps on iTunes.

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